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The big interest of citizens of the countries of the European Union, the CIS and Russia to the real estate and investments into economy of Bulgaria the attention of group of businessmen and investors has drawn. Therefore in a Bourgas BELGRAVIA Limited Liability Company (OOD) - the legal person under the legislation of Republic Bulgaria has been registered. Here already almost three years BELGRAVIA Company is the development company (builder) and erects objects of the real estate (cottages and apartments) at southern coast of Black sea of Bulgaria.


Construction of a complex of apartments "Perlite" is completed also a complex is put into operation. Primary sale of apartments also is completed.


The Apartment Hotel-Complex " Corsica " is in an initial stage of construction. Apartments are exposed on sale. Purchase of apartments at this stage allows to receive the essential discount. It is the good investment.

The complex of apartments "Casablanca" is in a stage of reception of the sanction to construction. The design documentation is ready. At this stage still there is an opportunity to become investors this project.

On our site we represent own complexes and objects of the real estate. We are ready to discuss both the prices, and the most convenient schemes of payment.

Purchase and sale of the real estate in other country is interfaced to the certain emotional pressure. We by own experience know with what difficulties the investor or the buyer can collide. Therefore we use the best efforts, that purchase of cottages or apartments in our complexes was for you positive experience. At all stages of purchase we shall accompany with you, promoting in the sanction of various questions: beginning from a choice apartment and financings of purchase - finishing insurance of the transaction, the taxation, purchase of furniture and management of your real estate, and also legal aspects of the transaction.


Moreover, you can resort to our services and after purchase of apartments. We always with readiness shall answer all your questions, concerning to cottages or apartments in our complexes. If you decide to sell the apartment, we with pleasure shall incur all efforts on realization of this transaction.

We sell only that we build.

We do not go on compromises in struggle for quality.

Our reputation is very important for us. We aspire to work so that to win respect of our investors, clients and partners.


We carry out construction of all our objects up to readiness "on a turn-key basis". Our command consists of highly skilled experts in the field of construction and management of the real estate. Our employees know Bulgarian, English and Russian languages.

We hope that in our person you will find the reliable partner in Bulgaria.